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Besides running for a cause, winners at First Lady Half Marathon to earn cool package

Margaret Kenyatta who will also run on Sunday has trained for the event, first at Kaptagat and Iten in the North Rift

IT is a charity race, but apparently charity will begin at home when the men and women’s winners of the 21km First Lady’s Half Marathon on Sunday each receive a cool Sh750, 000.

The First Lady’s Half Marathon is designed to raise awareness and funds for Margaret Kenyatta’s “Beyond Zero” campaign. Entry is by a fee and the runners can be sponsored, the money going to the charity.

Equal prize

“Nevertheless, we felt it was important to offer attractive prize monies to reward our budding and elite athletes,” event organiser Peter Gacheru said. “The prize amounts for both men and women are similar, because this race holds both runners to the same standard,” he added.

Winners will pocket a total of Sh5.6m. Both the men and women winners of the 10km races will run away with Sh250, 000 each.

Tricycle and wheelchair winners will take home Sh100, 000 and Sh50, 000 respectively in both the men and women categories.

Big names

Said Gacheru: “With slightly over Sh2m available in prize money in both the men and women categories of the 21km race and just over Sh0.5m available in prize money in both the men and women categories of the 10km race, we are expecting this First Lady’s Half Marathon to be hotly contested.

“Indeed we have seen some international names like Abel Kirui register, to use this race as preparation for international assignments but also to take advantage of the money on offer.”

Lengthy training

The second edition of the First Lady’s Half Marathon will be held from the Nyayo Stadium and over 20,000 participants are expected.

The First Lady, who will also run, has had lengthy training for the event. She kicked off her preparations in various places in the North Rift a few weeks ago and one of the highlights of the high altitude programme was a run in the Kaptagat Forest area where the resilient First Lady ran for 15 km in a time of one and half hours to boost her stamina.

After Kaptagat, the First Lady continued her training in Iten where last season she also trained alongside world beaters including multi-Elite marathon winner Wilson Kipsang’ and Lornah and Florence Kiplagat.

Other prizes:

21km category:

– Runners-up: Sh500,000

– No.3: Sh250,000

– No.4: Sh150,000

– No.5: Sh100,000

– No.6: Sh50,000

– No.7 Sh30,000

– No.8-10: Sh20,000

– No. 11- 15: Sh10,000

– No.16- 20: Sh10,000

10km category:

– Runners- up: Sh100, 000

– No.3: Sh50, 000

– No.4:Sh20, 000

– No.5 -10: Sh10, 000

– No.11-20: Sh5, 000