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Humphrey Kayange’s old school has rugby match stopped like in a boxing bout!

Junior rugby matches can be halted if one side is too strong for the other to avoid injury, confirms Kenya referee

A LOT of people are unaware that a one-sided rugby match can be stopped; like a boxing fight.

During the week, Kenyan high schools, Maseno and St Peter’s Mumias, were toying around with opposition in the East African secondary schools’ games in Dar es Salaam when their matches were stopped, reported the “Daily Nation” Correspondent, Philip Onyango.

This was a surprise to people accustomed to seeing a badly out-matched team suffer the pain of going through a whole 80 minutes of pounding no matter how vicious the opposition.

Young players

But a member of the Kenya Rugby Referees Society, Constant Cap, explained that matches involving young players could be called off if too much strength by one team could lead to injury to players of the inferior team.

“Under-19 [year-olds] matches are very sensitive with respect to safety of the players,’ said Cap meaning that, therefore, they could be stopped.

Maseno High School [Kisumu County] were leading St Famille of Rwanda 29-0 while St Peter’s Mumias [Kakamega County], the alma mater of Kenya star Humphrey Kayange, were thrashing Morogoro Junior High School of Tanzania when, from the referees it was a “stop-fight).


But the luxury of being able to “throw in the towel” and stop rugby match where your men a groggy with punishment does not, apparently, exist in senior rugby.

Otherwise it would have required many “stop-fights” to ease the pain and humiliation of some illustrious teams which in occasions came under unbelievable fire:

Historic huge thrashings in international rugby:

Japan 17-145 New Zealand (128 points margin)

New Zealand 102 – 0 Tonga (102)

New Zealand 101- 3 Italy (98)

New Zealand 108-13 Portugal (95)


England 134-0 Romania (134)

England 110-0 Netherlands (110)

England 111-13 Uruguay (98)

England 106-8 USA (98)

England 101 -10 Tonga (91)


Heaviest defeat 0-60 v England


Largest winning margin 106 points v Russia (110–4)

80 points v South Africa (86–6)

74 points v France (74–0)

58 points v New Zealand (58–0)