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Somalia take care of ailing former national soccer hero ‘Jurru’

The veteran was admitted to hospital with partial paralysis but has made almost full recovery after treatment

ONE of Somalia’s all-time most revered sportsmen is Mohamed “Jurru” Jibril, a soccer international star between 1964 and 1972.

“Jurru” as the living legend is affectionately known still lives in Somalia but he recently fell ill, causing vast empathy from fellow Somalians who remembered his contribution to the country.

On March 25, “Jurru”, now in his 80s and previously healthy and fit, was admitted to hospital over neurological disorder. But his doctor now says the former national hero had responded well to treatment and was showing good signs of recovery.

His left  arm and leg had been paralysed, but after treatment the old player has now almost full normal use of the arm and was able to walk on his own and even get to upstairs sections of buildings.

Full recovery

“Mohamed Jibril is currently an outpatient and we are very hopeful that he will gain full recovery soon,” said Dr Abdirahman Said Aden while informing the Somalia Football Federation [SFF] senior vice-president Ali Abdi Mohamed who is in charge, on behalf of the SFF, for keeping up with the situation of the ailing former national soccer team hero.

Dr Aden said that the nerve cells and muscles of the left part of  Jibril’s body had shown symptoms of deep degeneration when he was admitted to the hospital, but his situation had become better day by day until he finally started walking.

The SFF senior vice-president thanked Dr Aden, his nurses and all hospital staff  for the high profile medical care they extended to the former national soccer hero.

“I know you have made everything possible to prevent our football veteran from becoming disabled. I can see he has recovered satisfactorily to be able to use his hands and feed himself as well as walk. We thank you very much for this,”  Abdi Mohamed said.

Somalia Football Federation Media Department