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Abdi Qani Said Arab, long- time Secretary General, elected Somalia Football Federation chief

Electoral committee chairman Ibrahim Hussein Ali tells Press that the vote was conducted in accordance with the SFF statutes and was ‘a free and fair exercise’

ABDI Qani Said Arab is the new Somalia Football Federation [SFF] President. The long serving secretary general of the organisation was elected at their sixth congress held in Mogadishu on Sunday morning.

After a first round of the presidential poll, the second round was about to begin when incumbent Ali Said Guled Roble told the congress that he had withdrawn and that he would accept the vote.


However, the entire 28 stakeholders unanimously voted in favour of Said Arab who will lead the SFF for the next four years, as announced by the electoral committee chairman Ibrahim “Roombe” Hussein Ali.

The congress then started voting for three candidates who were competing for two Vice-Presidential posts.

Exec committee

Ali Abdi Mohamed collected 28 votes and Abdullahi Sheik Nur Ahmed, 23 to be elected while Abdullahi Abow Hussein got only four.

Seven candidates competed for the six executive committee posts and they were elected as follows:

  1. Yahye Mohamed Abokar, 28 votes
  2. Abdirashid Hussein Addow, 25
  3. Osman Jama Dira’, 24
  4. Mustaf Elmi Afrah, 23
  5. Hassan Moalim Yusuf, 22
  6. Hiirey Ahmed Roble, 19


  1. Sharif Mohamed Abokar , 7

Electoral committee chairman Ibrahim Hussein Ali told the Press that the election was conducted in accordance with the SFF statutes and was “a free and fair exercise, ” he said.

Voting rights

“All members with voting rights have attended and there was no Government interference”

The Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Osman Mohamed Abdi and Somalia National Olympic Committee [SOMNOC] President, Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi, who were observing the election lauded the conduct and promised greater co-operation with the new Somali soccer federation under Said Arab and his executive committee.


The Deputy Youth and Sports Minister told the congress that his Ministry was fully aware of the process for the past several months and they had been receiving updates about the election process “day-by-day,” he said.

“On behalf of the Federal Government of Somalia I would like to congratulate the new Somali FA president and his executive committee. We welcome and respect the decision from the election which was done in a free and fair democratic process.”


The SOMNOC President also praised the election saying that they had accepted the result.

“I have witnessed a democratic event at every step. On behalf of Somali NOC I thank the SFF stakeholders for such great move forward.”

The former SFF Ppresident Guled Roble embraced his successor, congratulating him for the landslide victory.  Roble had been leading the SFF since the death of former elected president Said Mahmoud Nur on April 4 2012.


“I praise the congress for having implemented a democratic election and secondly I congratulate my former Secretary General for being elected as the SFF President. He deserves to embrace such high profile responsibility.”

Roble praised the new President for having developed a very professional co-operation with him while he served as his Secretary General.

“The stakeholders, the former executive committee and the secretariat are all praiseworthy for playing a key role in the promotion of football in entire the country.


“ We really had very lovely days of co-operation and I hope you [Said Arab] will resume from there.”

Roble was one of Somalia’s well known footballers in 1960s. He said as long as he was still alive he would be contributing his time, experience and energy to the promotion of football in his country.

– Additional reporting by Somalia Football Federation [SFF] Media Department