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Nyamweya insists suggestions of Fifa-appointed consultant ‘not binding’

Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valke has directed Football Kenya Federation [FKF] to share consultant’s report with Kenyan Premier League [KPL] clubs and other stakeholders

A Fifa-appointed consultant dealing with current relations between the Football Kenya Federation [FKF] and the 16 teams in the Kenyan Premier League [KPL] appears to have recommended that the same number of teams be maintained for the 2015 season.

The world soccer governing body formally communicated Robert Niemann’s recommendations to FKF following his consultations with FKF, KPL, broadcast rights holders and other stakeholders earlier this month.


But FKF’s reaction points at opposition to some of Niemann’s recommendations.

“The consultant’s report is not a directive but only a recommendation to which Fifa has asked that we [FKF] consider an amicable solution,” said FKF President Sam Nyamweya while acknowledging receipt of the report mailed to him with a cover letter by Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke.


“The federation [FKF] wishes to confirm that we have received the report by a consultant appointed by Fifa to advice on implications of an expanded Kenyan Premier League,” read a FKF statement signed by Nyamweya.

The Fifa letter said the world body hoped the Niemann report would help in finding “an amicable solution so that 2015 Kenyan Premier League can kick-off smoothly.”


“…we enclose the report by the independent expert consultant following his mission to Nairobi,” said the Fifa letter signed by Valcke to Nyamweya. “We trust that recommendations made by the independent expert consultant will be useful.”

Valcke asked FKF to avail the report to KPL. And to ensure that, the Fifa Secretary General alerted the KPL. In a letter to KPL’s chief executive officer, Jack Oguda, Valcke said he had asked FKF to share the report with the league clubs.


“We kindly inform you [KPL’s Oguda] of our expectation that FKF will make available the report to the necessary parties immediately and without further delay.

“In this regard we kindly request that you disseminate this correspondence as well as the enclosed report to necessary parties, including KPL,” concluded Valcke’s letter.


But Nyamweya has now said the report will first be tabled before the FKF National Executive Committee on Monday before it is discussed with KPL.

“The National Executive C ommittee of FKF will look at the report before it is disseminated to KPL and other stakeholders through the appropriate channels of communication. FKF, in the spirit of national dialogue and in respect to ongoing discussions, reaffirms that we are committed to the process being steered by the JEC.”


The JEC is the Joint Executive Committee made up of FKF and KPL officials. Nyamweya maintained that JEC meetings will go on as planned ahead of Friday’s FKF Special General Meeting in Kakamega.

Said Nyamweya: “The technical Task Force report that was tabled to the JEC and whose contents we have already reached consensus on shall continue on January 28, 2015 as we prepare for Special General Meeting onJanuary 30 to thrash out the only two pending issues towards actualizing the 2015 league format.”


Reports suggest that Niemann had recommended a leaner league but FKF maintains the recommendations are not yet public and neither are actual contents known.

“Kenyans are hereby advised not to get into any speculation about this matter because the consultant’s report is not binding but only an opinion which Zurich [Fifa] wants that we consider in our ongoing deliberations under the auspices of the JEC.”