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FKF swimming in money; Fifa increases grant and awards cash for World Cup preps

Tanzania excited about the 'boom' to prepare their team for the 2018 Fifa World Cup qualifiers

What is in FKF coffers:

$ 250,000: Sh21m   = annual Fifa FAP [Finance Assistance Program]

$500,000: Sh42m    = one-off Fifa financial bonus

$300,000: Sh25m   = support for 2018 Fifa World Cup Qualifiers


TOTAL: $1,050,00: Sh 89m

FOOTBALL associations in the region, including Football Kenya Federation [FKF] are swimming in a pool of money at the moment.

This year, each will earn from Fifa, Sh89 million [$1,050,000] up from the normal annual grant of a mere Sh21m [$250,000] from the world football body.


Apart from getting the normal Financial Assistance Program’s [FAP] Sh21m, Fifa is this year giving each member federation a one-off financial bonus of Sh42m [$500,000].

The all members will receive a unique fund to help them in the preparations for the 2018 Fifa World Cup qualifiers. That is a cool Sh42m [$500,000] and a windfall for countries that normally exit the competition after little expense in the preliminary stage.

The Sh89 m handed down by Fifa is already causing huge excitement in the region.


Tanzania Football Federation ]TFF] were reported saying: “We applaud the world soccer governing body, Fifa, for including [our] the national soccer team, Taifa Stars, in the sponsorship for the 2018 World Cup preparations and participation.

“Fifa announced it will give each of its members $1,050,000, $300,000 of which will be used for Taifa Stars 2018 World Cup.”

The TFF secretary general, Celestine Mwesigwa, thanked Fifa for the assistance, adding that the support was a relief to the local soccer governing body and its partners, who struggle to get funds for Taifa Stars.


“This is a welcome development. We have all along been saying backing the national team is not exclusively for the Government. The private sector and other organisations, including Fifa, are also welcome to sponsor the team,” Mwesigwa said.

The TFF official said the money will be used prudently in such areas like youth soccer development, women soccer and infrastructure development.


The Fifa secretary general, Jerome Valcke, while announcing the grants, outlined the areas the money was supposed to be spent on.

In Kenya FKF have not issued any statement on the Fifa funding but current activity — time and money consuming — surrounding the fight over control of the country’s top soccer league indicate FKF are not short of finance.

A Special General Meeting [SGM], bringing together hundreds of delegates from around the country is currently taking place in western Kenyan town of Kakamega in Kakamega County.

-Additional reporting by Dar es Salaam Correspondent